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Hello world!

Hello world!  Or, user experience (UX) world, that is.  I kept the WordPress default, first post, blog headline as that really is how it feels when one first creates a blog.  The truth is, I’ll be thrilled if I get a handful of regular, UX readers.  What I hope to accomplish through this blog is a way to share things I find especially interesting, from my own experience as an information architect and usability specialist, as well as what I learn through the work of others.  In fact, I’m a big proponent of learning from others.  There’s so much UX knowledge out there — it’s impossible not to be UXcited when one starts to poke around for it.

So what do others want to hear about?  I’d love to hear from you.  Without input, I’m likely to start venting (I mean writing), about my own mistakes (I mean experiences) and hope that something proves to be lift-worthy (I mean helpful ) to someone else out there in UX world.  Expect more soon!