2014 New Year’s Resolution

Revisiting this WordPress page after dabbling in it a few YEARS ago.  So sad.  I was inspired by someone who let me know he couldn’t view it well on his iPad.  Shameful.  I’m still not sure I have time for this, but perhaps I’ll try again.  I learn new stuff about UX everyday.  I keep telling myself I should share it, but beyond a few LinkedIn and Twitter posts, I rarely do.  My job as UX Research Director at a major ad agency in metro Detroit keeps me extremely occupied, as do my numerous other “hobbies”.  But I think at least a few folks who happen to land here might benefit from an occasional post.  As I look back on the few I’ve written, it helped me remember things I learned long ago.  That alone could be reason enough to maintain a blog…before my memory skills wane.  If you’re reading this, stay tuned…my learning experiences this year will likely center around global UX research (expert reviews, ethnographic studies, usability testing, etc.).  The global aspect will be new territory for me, and perhaps for you, too.

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