Monthly Archives: November 2011

UXcited Tries New WordPress Template

The original WP site that I startled dabbling with in 2009 was so, so, sooooo boring compared to this new template!  It wasn’t easy to pick out a new look though.  While there are lots of .com templates available, many of them are NOT free, and that was one of my requirements.  So, with renewed energy (as a result of attending WordCamp Detroit last Saturday) I’m dabbling again with a new look, and more features than I can get my head around in just a few days.  One learning resource I’m finding helpful is  Their video-based online training is awesome, especially in the early morning with my first cup of espresso.

Wordcamp Detroit 2011

Attending Wordcamp Detroit today. Hoping it renews my interest and enthusiasm about WordPress. I’m mostly interested in learning whether WP is a stable CMS for a few projects that have been in my queue for awhile now. There are so many awful websites out there (guilty), so it seems like WP could only help. There are a zillion templates to choose from, but it seems some work better than others. Interesting info: 19% of Alexa’s top 100,000 websites use WP.